Works in the Works 2013 Tech Rehearsal

Some images from our 2nd and 3rd iterations of love notes on fragile prayers for two very successful evenings of Works in the Works 2013 in Berkeley.

Photos, once again, by Douglas Berry.

11144968923_f07da8644b_o 11144966823_7741f05555_o 11144965023_2562b9c6d9_o 11144964903_656e7a3dab_o 11144963993_b06fe8e90e_o 11144963223_b2a50e4df5_o 11144962913_b2149f9e5a_o 11144960653_fae561d99d_o 11144848104_97f578d028_o 11144819716_8697c64d56_o

Tech rehearsal for Works in the Works 2013

11144817426_a6895a123f_o 11144814916_3f2f42315e_o 11144785795_c3ceae5c4c_o 11144785285_ab5e88e131_o 11144782845_3d1fd3f912_o 11097389623_7e1f79e520_o 11097388353_1afcdbf902_o 11097387493_bf0e614895_o 11097295794_dc73e01996_o 11097268576_ff59ef83d3_o 11097262506_b3b5c47327_o 11097188635_8bf6c03b75_o 11097187625_c60a8a7a12_o 11097187405_8c6cb1e344_o


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