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Our mission is to make dance in an environment that fosters the complete creative investment of each of our collaborators, and to present performances in ways that broaden the accessibility of innovative modern dance to new audiences.



for change dance collective (fcdc) grew out of a desire to make dance through a choreographic process that reflects the ideals of socially conscious art. Since 2010, fcdc has been creating highly experiential dance theater excavated from raw experience, employing a uniquely democratic approach to art-making that embraces collaboration, shared ownership, and intimacy of all kinds.

A sense of familial interconnectedness pervades our work, as many individual voices equally contribute to performances that cast light on the aspects of humanity that connect us all. United under the core beliefs that great art is transformational art, and that great art should be accessible to all, we hope to create dance that fosters change in audiences and performers alike.

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On The Faults We Sought to Mend: Burnished at the Broken Places:

for change dance collective took 35 deliciously crafted minutes to move the mixed up “stuff” of life from upstage to downstage and every one was compelling with tender lifts, aggressive confrontations and risky dives.

– a fan

Recent Posts

World Premiere: “all at once everything shifts, slowly.”

I hear sirens.
Can anyone see me?
I am no stranger to death.
This will be what defines me.
I survived. 


We are thrilled to premiere a new piece at West Wave Dance Festival’s 25th Anniversary on Sunday, September 18 at 8:00pm at Z Space Theatre in San Francisco. “all at once everything shifts, slowly.” is an exploration of survival: it is instinctual, primal. We do whatever it takes to continue existing; fighting against all odds and bearing the unbearable. But how are we changed by the experience?


Tickets are now on sale! We hope you can join us for the first performance of this intimate new work.


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