Jennifer Tomaselli

moving arts 12.29.09 054.jpg

Jennifer Tomaselli was formerly a competitive gymnast, who found yoga after her retirement from gymnastics.  Dance has always been part of her life, and she joined Moving Arts, under the choreography of Anandha Ray, dancing in her adult troupe for a few years, until the studio unfortunately closed in 2010.
After having cancer in her head and neck, dance once again helped pluck Jennifer from the depths of a very dark, emotional and physical downturn that left her anxious and depressed.  She has come to fcdc, knowing that the company will support her in movement to help pain and suffering be emotions that we embrace because they are real, but are able to cope with through dance, which helps heal! She would love to help other cancer and brain tumor survivors cope through movement and find ways to express their pain, suffering, and survival.