Works by Artistic Director, Claire Calalo.


Rather Than In Silence Shrink (2013), choreography by Claire Calalo as a Guest Artist at Santa Clara University, performed by for change dance collective at Dance-A-Rama 2013.



Transformed Nonconformity (2012), choreography by Claire Calalo through Artist Residency at Moreau Catholic High School



Photo by Ruel Calalo

Dancers: Rosemary (Robertson) Gagne and Ramon Pulido. Photo by Ruel Calalo

A Soldier’s Tale (2011), choreography by Claire Calalo, presented by Noon Concerts at UC Berkeley. Dancers included fcdc member Lauren Baines.



On Repeat (2011), music video for recording artists Kara Alexis Young, with choreography by Claire Calalo, direction by Daniel Truog



Search for Serenity (2010), presented at 6 Degrees with Dandelion Dancetheater at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica




Photo by Ruel Calalo; Dancers: Justin Keats, Shane Scopatz, Shanti Harter-Johnson, Rachel Berman, Politea Le, Sarah Alaways (not pictured: Jessica De Salva, Jason Poullard)

Majority[‘s]rules (2010), Claire Calalo’s M.F.A. Thesis Concert at UC Irvine. It was through the process of creating this piece that the philosophy behind democratic dance-making was born and began to take shape.



Buoyancy (2010), presented at New Slate at UC Irvine



Redemption: Four Stories Written by Men (2009), presented at Dance Escape at UC Irvine



Limited Engagements (2006), Claire Calalo’s senior thesis project at Santa Clara University. Dancers included fcdc members Lauren Baines, Jessica de Leon, and Skye Wilson.



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