Upcoming Events

fcdc Sigh of Relief 1.png

We are excited to present Sigh of Relief at Works in the Works 2019. fcdc will be performing on the opening night, Saturday November 16th at 7:30pm. You are welcome to join us in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the performance series with a post-show event including drinks and dessert!

Tickets are $10 at the door, cash or credit (no reservations).


More about Sigh of Relief:

We encounter resistance everyday. We take action to push against our physical or mental barriers to try and obtain something–strength, power, acceptance, change, love–but what happens when we stop? What does it feel like when we stop engaging? How does our experience change when we are living in the memory of the action, no longer faced with the sensation of resistance?

Performers: Claire Calalo Berry, Lauren Baines, Samantha Nielsen Rönngard, Ruth Perez, Lindsay Wakayama, Rosalinda Ortega, & Leah Wetterling
Artistic Director: Claire Calalo Berry
Executive Director & Choreographer: Jessica de Leon
Music: Locke (Theo Bass, @locke.music_) and Tim Schaufert

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