Sneak Peek

Beneath the Stories We Wear – Feb 27-28, 2016 from for change dance collective on Vimeo.

Promotional Video editing and voice over by Skye Violet Wilson.
Music by Joseph M. Colombo

for change dance collective is proud to present ourĀ second Home Season on February 27 & 28, 2016. Beneath the Stories We Wear is an intimate look at the formation of social identity, which questions the narratives we construct about others and about ourselves. How do we know who we are beyond the adornments of daily life?

Tickets are on sale and seating is limited, so get yours today!


Featuring performances by: Claire Calalo (Artistic Director), Jessica de Leon (Managing Director), Lauren Baines, Samantha Nielsen, Rosalinda Ortega, Lindsay Wakayama, Ruth Perez, Douglas Berry, Caitlin Burns, and Alina Borchardt.

Performance features original music composed by Joseph M. Colombo and Jesse C. Dienner.


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