Looking for help to save Works in the Works 2014!

fcdc has been participating in Works in the Works over the last 3 years, and it has provided an invaluable opportunity for us to develop new work. WIW is a performance series wherein both emerging and established choreographers can present work in any stage of development and gain valuable feedback from diverse, enthusiastic, and supportive audiences that reflect the vibrancy of the Bay Area performance community. It’s one of the only low-cost, low-tech performance opportunities like it, and the oldest in the Bay Area, dating back to 1979. It needs help to stay alive this year, and after 36 years of supporting artists and providing an inclusive space for risky art-making, we think it deserves it. Please consider helping out our friends at the Choreographers’ Performance Alliance by donating to the Kickstarter before it closes on November 30, 2014!

Click on the image to watch the promo video:

SFSU University Dance Theatre, at Works in the Works 2013

SFSU University Dance Theatre, at Works in the Works 2013

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