Music video: “I will screaming wake”

fcdc teamed up with Molly Murphy of a million creatures to create a music video for “I will screaming wake” and these are some screen shots and stills taken by Molly and our resident photographer (and In-N-Out fetcher) Douglas Berry. It was an incredible day, we found this site while driving around on the Peninsula, and we dubbed it “The Graffiti Graveyard”. Tires, slanted walls, concrete slabs, chain link fences…it’s like the environment was intelligently designed for movement improvisation! We loved Molly’s song, but hadn’t moved to it much before, so we just played around while she played her acoustic guitar, and the afternoon was sublime. We can’t wait for our next project together.

chat hair reach4 wall3 Samantha Nielsen Samantha Nielsen lie three tires wall walk walldance walldance2 wall2



Here is the final product! Enjoy, and thanks for working with us Molly!!


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