fcdc Blog: Lessons Learned from Tables Turned, by Samantha Nielsen

It’s a strange and rare occurrence to sit in the audience, about to watch your own dance company perform. But four weeks ago that’s exactly where I found myself, squirming uncomfortably in the third row of the Levy Dance Salon, where for change dance collective had been invited to perform along with many other seasoned artists. I felt as though I didn’t know exactly what to do with myself, out of place on the wrong side of the stage. I was jealous of the performers that got to share their passion in front of all of us, and I was feeling left out seeing all of my good friends and fellow company members getting ready to perform. 

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fcdc Blog: a perspective on our process, by Rosie Ortega

Summer is winding down, the sun is setting earlier each day, and Karl the fog creeps back into the city by the bay. As one season ends another begins, that is the fcdc 2015-2016 dance season! We are back in rehearsal and excited for what lies ahead in the coming months. After a very successful inaugural home season last year, we are excited to regroup, reconnect and continue our mission of dancing for change.This idea of change is one of the constants of fcdc, not only as our company evolves from season to season, but also as we strive to bring change in the realms of social justice and equality using our collective artistic vision to propel that forward. Many of our past performance themes have focused on personal, emotional concepts that although are unique to each member of fcdc, they are also what bond us as a company.

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January 2015 update, by fcdc collaborator Jessica de Leon


For fcdc, 2014 was a year of growth: wonderful new dancers joined our ranks, we collaborated with other talented artists and musicians, and we had the opportunity to work on a handful of meaningful projects. It was a great year filled with a renewed commitment to our mission statement. And 2015 is panning out to be even greater! We are so excited to continue work on a new piece that will premiere at our first home season at 8th Street Studios in Berkeley, February 28 and March 1.

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