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ANWGITS Postcard

At Night, We Go Inside To Sleep, is our 2018 Home Season, inspired by our cross-cultural collaborations with Teatro Catalina in Nicaragua.

This evening-length work is inspired by stories of survival, resilience, and compassionate power found in a neighborhood that was built from the ground up after Hurricane Mitch devastated a small agricultural community in 1998. Now twenty years later, the youth of Villa Catalina are fighting to break out of cycles of poverty and dreaming of creating a new reality for themselves and their community. Through our signature democratic dance making process, the work explores the ways in which our individual lives are differentiated by who we are in the daytime, and what we can become in our dreams. In a liminal space between fighting to survive and imagining a world of our own creation, how do we find compassion and repose?

Nicaraguan artist Osmar Narvaez will lend his story to this collaboration and performance with fcdc, and Nicaraguan composer Andres Martinez will collaborate with American composer Nicolas Lell Benavides and fcdc in the writing of new music to be performed live. In the sharing of our stories across cultures and geographical boundaries, we hope to tap into the wisdom of our communities, our ancestors, and folk traditions to find spiritual guidance and new ways of connecting.

Buy tickets: Brown Paper Tickets


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